I would guess you want some form of change in your life.

You’re ready to do something different.  You can feel it.

And this simpler living stuff is calling your name for some reason.

It’s actually calling to you from the other side of a bridge.


Yoo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!



The craziest thing about simpler living?

You can use it to build a bridge to cross to where you want to go.

Over the years I’ve used simpler living as a means to leave my nasty corporate job and create my own business.   I’ve used it to pay off debt, save money for dreams and retirement, travel, help others, write books, volunteer, work 4 days a week, downsize and so much more.

I’m not living in a van down by the river.  I drive a Cadillac for goodness sake. (A gently used one at that. And yes – it is paid for.  That’s another post!)

Simpler living isn’t about sacrifice and being a miser or a cheapskate. (I would fail miserably if that was the case.)

You become someone who values their resources.

Money and time are part of that.   Emotional well-being is another.

Simpler living = Your Bridge to Freedom.


There’s a slight catch.


You have to know what you want.  You have to commit to it.

You have to want it so bad that you’re willing to do things differently.

Every area of your life will need a tweak.  Some bigger than others.

I’m pretty clear about what I want.


I don’t like working for a boss.  (Egad. I had some doozies.)

I don’t like sweating about debt.

I don’t like owing money to a bank.

I don’t like monthly car payments. (Been there. Done that. Smartened up.)

I don’t like financial pressure.

I do like having money in savings.

I do like knowing I can take care of myself.

I do like being a citizen vs a consumer. (Whoa – there’s a whole other blog post!)

I do like the freedom to grow at the pace I want.


So what do you need?



A sense of contentment?

A fresh start?


You can build your bridge to get the life you want.


But you’re going to have to make some choices, o-complicated-one.

What are you willing to rethink, reprioritize, revise, release, renew, reinvent, reuse, and recycle to get there?

Something worth thinking about.