Champagne celebration


Something small I saw in my email the other day made me weep with joy.

First was an email from Medium telling me they had accepted one of my essays.

The second? The largest publication from Medium asked me to be one of their writers.

My goddamn head just about blew off from joy. 

And I cracked open a bottle of prosecco with one of my best friends and we did a happy dance!


Celebrate Small Victories


Now for most people, maybe even you reading this now, you might think,


“What’s the big deal?  Why is she so happy?  It doesn’t sound like that much.”


Well – when you’re a survivor of breast cancer; decided to change the direction of your business by 180 degrees to a passion you’ve had for over 20 years; when you’ve committed to writing daily about simple living and submit stuff that sometimes gets rejected –  seeing those 2 little emails made my day.  Even if I didn’t make a cent from them.

Hell, they made my month!


I believe in Celebrating Small Victories and so should you.



If you only celebrate the big things in life you’re missing out on so much.

The promotion, new house, baby, wedding, and paying off the mortgage are all worthy events to celebrate for sure.

But those days are few and far between.

Life is kind of a cow like that. 

One minute you’re in the field contentedly chewing your cud and the next minute you’re hamburger.

You’ve probably been there.  I certainly have.


Here’s a mind-bender.

If you live to be 80 years old you get 5,990,400 minutes of living.

A good chunk of that is used for being a kid; sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth, grocery shopping, driving to work and answering crappy emails.  We won’t even think about how many minutes you’re giving to Netflix each week.

So to just focus on the days when big stuff happens?

Well damn – you deserve more joy than that.


I would bet that right now you’ve overlooked a small victory you should be celebrating.


Maybe you…

  • Paid all your bills for the first time in months
  • Lost 1 pound
  • Walked 2x this week
  • Cooked something your kids liked even if it had vegetables in it
  • Didn’t buy the cookie
  • Didn’t say something snarky to your partner when they were being oh-so-grouchy
  • Ate the first tomato off the first plant you’ve ever grown outside
  • Spoke up in the meeting
  • Threw $100 in your savings account this month
  • Got all your errands done on the weekend
  • Made a cake for a friend’s birthday
  • Got up earlier so you can read in the morning
  • Tried making bread for the first time
  • Rewrote your resume
  • Were kinder than you wanted to be


Get my drift?

These are all small victories and they range from nano-mini to small.

Nothing that most people would ever see or know about.

But that doesn’t mean these small victories are valueless to you.  It’s the opposite in fact.

Because small victories are usually about conquering ourself.

I don’t know about your brain.  But me, myself, and I are sometimes in bloody conflict.  So when we can all pull together and go in the direction we intend and nail a small victory?

Pop the cheap champagne, baby!


All of these moments count in your life, your joy and your sense of purpose.  They really do.


So the thing you think isn’t worth writing home to Mom about – probably is worth mentioning to your mom or someone else who cares and understands small victories.

Fire off an email, or call someone or just get up and throw your hands in the air and yell,



Your small victory took more effort than you’re giving yourself credit for.