A simple living confession



I must confess – people tend to be surprised that I love living simply.

And that I have done so for most of my life.


I thought I’d share my confessions of a simple living freak.

Hopefully, you’ll laugh and maybe, just maybe, I can convince you to simplify a few things in your life.


Simple Living Doesn’t Mean Living Stark and Broke


I think because often people think of the stereotype of a hippie; no make-up; old and out of date threadbare clothing; a beat-up car that barely starts; and eating granola.

(OK – I DO make granola and will share my recipe soon!)


I don’t fit the stereotype.


Sometimes, people associate simple living as a forced lifestyle vs a loved lifestyle.


I fall into the loved lifestyle category. 


I live simply by choice. (But I’m complicated. More on that in a minute.)

And for the record, you also shouldn’t discount those people who may not look rich on the outside.

They probably have far more money and far less debt than you.


Simple Living Isn’t A Lack Of Success.

It Actually Shows The Success Of A Well-Lived Life.


I’m complicated which means I like all sorts of things.

I like raw oysters and champagne.  I drive a nice car that’s paid for.

I travel around the world.

Like I said – I’m complicated.

But everything is accomplished in a creative and simple way.


Look – I don’t care how people find their way to simple living.

I just want them (yes – this means you) to give it a try.


You live lighter on the earth.

You get to be your creative self.

You spend less money.

You save more money.

You tend to have more time to do what you love.

You usually reduce your stress level. (Not worrying about money or what people think.)

You say NO more.

You say YES to only what floats your boat and fits your values.

And you have a hell of a lot of fun!


My mother-in-law laughs at me sometimes.

She says,

“You’re the only person I’ve ever seen mow the grass wearing a dress, red lipstick, and a necklace.”

OK. She just caught me on an I-must-cut-the-grass-now-moment.

Most of the time I mow the grass in jeans and an old shirt.


Simple living can be whatever you want it to be.


And you won’t burn in hell if you’re complicated.


People in my life see me:

  • make bread
  • forage for mushrooms
  • take wild mushroom classes
  • berry pick in the woods
  • make a fire from birch wood
  • pick up litter when I go for a walk
  • recycle
  • compost
  • cooking
  • manage my own stocks
  • buying a down-sized home
  • volunteer
  • plant a garden
  • thrift shop
  • make homemade gifts

Sometimes what I do gets raised eyebrows.

But I’m not a puritan.


I wash Ziploc bags which means I buy Ziploc bags.

I have reusable grocery bags in my car and I forget to use them 50% of the time. (I really hate when I do that!)

I love to cook but you won’t have to twist my arm to eat McDonald’s fries.

I drive a luxury car but it was 3 years old when I bought it, it is paid for and I’ll drive that baby for at least 7 years.

I work from home and don’t have to drive much.

But I do travel 3-4x a year on planes.

I rarely eat out but when I do it is probably in another city.  Maybe even in another country.

I buy local food but I do also buy wild-caught shrimp from Argentina.

I try not to buy from China because their policies are terrible.  They don’t have the same food regulations. They mistreat their citizens. Go to jail or disappear because you wrote a poem?  Screw you China. (Ok – that turned into a bit of a mini-rant!)


So there you have it.

I’m not perfect.


But I am passionate about living a simpler life.


So I don’t care if people laugh when I come out of the woods with twigs in my hair.

Or when I throw stale bread on the garage roof to feed the crows. (Hey – they have to eat too.)

Or that I love thrifting.

Or that I make many beautiful homemade gifts at Christmas.

Or that I turn leftovers into something new and delicious.


I’ve found what works for me to enjoy a simpler way of life.

And I hope that you will be tempted to give it a try too.

You will secretly be proud of yourself.

Because simpler living just feels good.


So there.