I am addicted to France.

Somewhere in a previous life I was most definitely living in Paris, throwing my scarf over my shoulder and walking down cobblestone streets in high heels.

While I can’t be in Paris as much as I’d like – I can certainly bring Paris to me.

Which is why my addiction to thrift stores is also a good thing.


Because something I love to do is find art in weird things.


Now here is something people rave about when they visit my home.

(And that’s BEFORE they see what it really is.)


I found this gorgeous French picture about 20 years ago in a thrift shop.

It was jammed in with a bunch of other mirrors and old pictures.


When I pulled it out of the pile – my aunt said,

“Oh – that is not just a picture!”

And she walked over to it and did this:


Thrift Paris card table



And then this:


Thrift store art


And Ta-Dah – here is what it turned into:


Thrift store card table find


A Vintage Bridge Card Table.

I paid $20 for it and it’s hung on my walls ever since. And I’ve occasionally used it as a table too.


Now it is in my French bathroom so I can stare at it and dream of Paris from the bathtub.


Be creative with the art in your home – see the unusual in the ordinary.

(And make sure to comment and share something you use as art and the story behind it! Show me a pic too – we’d love to see it!)