How to have the finer things in life

I love the finer things in life.

Music, art, sunsets, walking my dog and lemon pie all count.   Most of the finer things in life aren’t actually things.


I also love nice stuff.

A phrase I hear often from guests to our home is,

“Where did you get that? I love it!”

Which makes me pretty happy.

They are admiring our furniture or a cool bird lamp or an unusual dish holding the asparagus.

And I smile and usually say these 2 words:

Adventure Shopping

(Which in my world means second-hand shopping in all of its eccentric forms.)

And then I say,

“Most of what is in our home is second-hand.”

And the looks of disbelief are always fun.

We thrifters get a big kick out of those looks.



I love the finer things in life. Big time.  I’m sure you do too.

And I’ve found a way to have the finer things in life and save money and have fun and be good to the Earth all in one swoop.

I have a simple rule:

80% of the time I try not to be the FIRST BUYER OF SOMETHING.


I want to be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th…..maybe even 20th buyer.

A few examples?

My home was built in 1974.  I think we’re the 10th buyers.

My car is a luxury car.  But I bought it used, paid cash and I will drive that baby for at least 7 years.

(My previous car was a Mini Cooper that I drove for 7 years.  I bought it when it was 4 years old.)

My can’t-live-without Dyson vacuum is refurbished. (I. love. that. thing.)


Our furniture was only 3 months old when I bought it last year.

I bought it from a woman on Facebook Marketplace who lives in a huge, ritzy house and she said,

We got it 3 months ago but my book club doesn’t like it.”

So she dropped her price by 75%.  Yes, she did.

As apparently she burns $100 bills in their fireplace to keep warm too.

I almost ran to the door yelling to my husband (aka Good Natured Man),

“Start the car!”

as this was a HUGE FIND.

I am curled up on that gorgeous, feather-stuffed furniture at this very moment.


Some people get confused and think that when I say,

“80% of the time I’m not the first buyer of something”

they think – “Oh – she’s not an early adopter.”

They think I’m not buying the newest iPhone when it first comes out.


When it comes to STUFF I am definitely not an early adopter.

I buy used cell phones off of early-adopters for a fraction of the price.  (That’s another post completely!)


Remember.  80% of the time I buy something – I buy it SECOND HAND.


Listen o-complicated-one.

You work hard for your money.  Maybe you’d like to not have to work as hard.

You can have the finer things in life.

But by buying quality used goods 80% of the time – it stretches your money that much further.

And then you can use that money for saving for retirement, or travel or something else.


And because 80% of the time I choose to borrow, or rent (not lease) something for a short time; or I buy something second-hand – I’m also being good to the Earth as second-hand stuff doesn’t usually have packaging , stuff isn’t going to the landfill and someone doesn’t have to make another fill-in-the-blank to replace something I’ve bought.


Walmart hates people like me.  So do most stores.


Maybe by now, you’re wondering what I do with the remaining 20% ( See.  I have ESP.)


20% of the time I buy something NEW if:

  • it is high quality (no dollar stores for this chick)
  • it will last a long time
  • it will be used regularly
  •  I can’t find it somewhere else second-hand
  •  I just love, love, love the hell out of it.

So.  I’m not a simpler-living-martyr-making-tinfoil-balls.

I love NEW, quality-made finer things too.

If you want to simplify your life you don’t have to go to extremes.

You can still have the finer things in life.

You just need to do it in a simpler way.