How to make a decision



Nothing complicates things like having to make a tough decision.

Some admittedly, are easier to make than others.

But you can almost drive yourself nuts in the process.


How To Make A Decision?

Should I do this?

Or should I do that?

Which one is the best?

Which one is the mistake?

Will I be happy with what I decide?

Will I miss out on anything?

It is so technical – do I know what I’m doing?

Will I have regrets?


What a sh*t-show we have in our heads sometimes.

But it really comes down to fear.


The problem is this:

Even when you think that you’re not making a decision by sitting on it, thinking about it, stewing about it, brewing about it, avoiding it, denying it exists…even that is a decision.

A sh*tty one at that. 

Because you’re leaving your life in the whimsy of whichever way the wind blows.


And if you’re honest with yourself – you already know what you want to do.


I know I did.

I knew that my love for writing about ordinary life and all of its wonder was important to me.

I knew that I wanted to help people stop comparing themselves to others on a constant basis.

To help people simplify areas of their lives that matter – in both big and small ways.

Serious and silly ways.


But there came a point when I couldn’t deny what I wanted any longer.

And I decided to shift. Take small steps.  Which led to medium-sized steps.

Which led to you being here and reading this.


Life really is about choices.

And each choice takes you somewhere.


So this turning yourself-into-a-procrastinating-pretzel routine?

Perhaps it is time for you to stop.  (It’s hurting your back and neck something awful.)


Don’t be rash and in a rush.

But certainly, take time to reassess.

Be honest with yourself and ask:

“Why am I stalling on this – even though it bugs the hell out of me?”


And then do this:


Pretend you’ve made a decision and live with it for 24 hours.


See how you feel.

And then pretend to choose the other option and live with it for 24 hours.

See how you feel then too.


And somewhere in between the two feelings – you will have created a seed of beginning.


Didn’t mean to get all heavy on you there but hey – I’m complicated!