Do not pay for over priced vegetables


Secretly wondering where the hell your money is going?

Well, make sure it isn’t disappearing by filling your cart with cauliflower.

Over-priced Vegetable Hell.

Do not pay $8.00 a head for cauliflower.

Do not even think of paying $8.00 a head for cauliflower or any other vegetable.

The New York Times recently posted that 5 heads of cauliflower (at $8 a pop) costs as much as a barrel of oil.


I’d rather you eat cauliflower than black crude oil any day of the week.

But still.

I can’t even think of a time when you’d need to pay that.


Unless of course, if you pureed it and plastered it on my face and it took 10 years of wrinkles away.

Hmmm.  I’d pay $8.00 then.


Or maybe said cauliflower was dipped in gold

and delivered to me by Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig and Jamie from Outlander.


Yeah, I’d pay $8.00 for that. Sigh. (OK. They could even skip the gold part.)


If it is a once-per-season splurge because you buy local, and they water their home-grown cauliflower with filtered rain-water that has been sprinkled with fairy dust – well, OK then – I get it.

I’m like that in cherry season.  2 lbs of cherries in 2 days? No problem there for Ms. Complicated Simple Herself.

But until then?