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I’m Kim and welcome to
The Complicated Simple!

Simpler living allows me to embrace all sorts of wonderful, life-changing opportunities.

I’ve reinvented my career in HUGE ways twice in my life.

Both were/are scary as hell. (Listen, I’m in the midst of the second one!)

First – when I resigned from my big, fat sales management job working in national television media. 

When I drove out of the parking lot on my last day – I spun rocks and screamed with joy!  

I had officially escaped the corporate world.  Wooo Hoo!

I became an entrepreneur and never looked back. I was a sales speaker, author and consultant who traveled the world.  I’ve worked with some pretty big companies and I’ve helped thousands of women around the world start their own successful 6-figure ++ businesses.  

I’ve been featured in loads of international media like Cosmopolitan, NBC, CTV and CBC and some lovely European media too.

The moment that changed everything?

And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn in October, 2016 I found a freaking lump in my breast.

Insert scary horror music. The screechy violin kind.

And onto the rollercoaster of hell, I went.   Surgery, chemo, and radiation.  Being bald in Canada in the middle of January is not something I’d wish on anyone.                                                               

I’ve always been a writer and I have 2 business books under my belt.  My personal essays have been featured in The Globe and Mail.

But when I found myself taking yet another 10-week online writing class from New York – a Food Writing course – while I was hooked up to bags of dripping chemo; taste buds destroyed, and in my chemo fog trying to remember and describe what wild mushrooms tasted like – I decided,


“WTF Kim – it looks like this passion for writing about simple living that you’ve had your entire life – you’re finally ready to go all in!” 


And after I came through treatment with flying colors – I worked hard on a manuscript, found a publisher and my quirky little paper-baby

will hit bookstores worldwide in Spring 2020. 

Hey – I am healthy. Loving life in every way.  I have a fabulous husband; a nutty dog and I no longer have to get my hair in the mail. (Think on that for a minute. I called it Hair-Mail)

And I have things to share, dammit.

(I firmly believe in writing about what you can’t shut up about.)

So NOW.  I’m reinventing myself again. 

Or perhaps a better phrase would be…

“I’m revealing myself again.”

Because when you make changes in your life – it’s because you’re stripping away what no longer serves you. Or fits you. 

You reveal your true self.


And it feels incredible. Free.  (I’d like you to experience that too.)

Because everything I’ve ever done has led to this moment.

I’ve spoken in front of thousands of people worldwide.  

Been there.  Done that. 

(Listen. I’m one of the few bloggers who doesn’t want her own TV show.  But– I will settle for my dream of being a best-selling New York Times author for my new, upcoming book!)

What can’t I shut up about?  

What have I spent years fine-tuning?

What do I read obsessively, research, investigate, and spend 80% of my life on?  

Simpler living is my thing.  

I see the ordinary as beautiful, weird and true.  

I write short, offbeat essays about how slow and simpler living

transforms your complicated life.

I believe in it.   I live it. (*80% of the time anyway. I’ll talk about that.)

And yes – I am one of those people who wash and reuse plastic Ziploc bags. 

Blame my mother.

I like to reuse, recycle, repair, recreate and reinvent. (And I love alliteration.)

I enjoy seeing things in a new way and giving them life.  

It’s a strange habit, I know.

Simpler living gives you the freedom to change your life.

My idea of simpler and slower also includes travel to Paris and New York, champagne, raw oysters, nice shoes and loads of good books.  

I get my nails done.   I wear lipstick. I’m complicated!

Because when you do simple living right – you aren’t suffering.

Listen. Not everything here is about how to eat dandelions

I’ve made mistakes and I’ll share them. (Good-bye-new-expensive-car-you-bloody-money-pit)

I’ll also share simple, good things that make my life better.

This is a place where you find a little weirdness.

Some philosophy about life.  

Creativity.  (I love creating stuff that makes me and other people happy.)

I will sneak in some random sh*t to make you smile.

Offbeat simple living tips and thoughts to help you change your life.

By doing it the- go- with- the -slow -way

It’s nice to have you here!

(I’d like you better if you had French chocolate but hey – still good to have you here.)