Simpler living for complicated people.

Does it work for me?

Yep. (I’ve made big career changes, run my own business for 18 years, downsized, survived breast cancer, only work 4 days a week, and I travel the world because of it. And a whole bunch more!)

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Simpler living when you lead a complicated life sounds contrarian.

But it doesn’t have to be.

It’s amazing how impossibly tiny steps can make the impossible happen.

I share many offbeat, simpler living ideas of WHY you need to slow-the-sh*t-down.

Creating a meaningful, purposeful, joyful life takes work and focus.

Creating a simpler and richer life means you have to make some complicated decisions.  But weirdly – complicated doesn’t have to be hard.

You can make changes in small and possible ways.

So, stop whining.

You can do it.

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What you won’t find here?

Instagram shots of me blowing dandelions into the wind (they never get a chance as I sauté the little buggers) or how to say thank you to every spoon in your house, or how to raise chickens (have you ever smelled chicken sh*t??? I grew up on a farm.  Chicken poop is NOT pleasant.)

I won’t share how to coupon, make dish soap, chew your own paper from tree moss or weave rugs from cat hair. 

You don’t need to move to the woods and live in a Tiny House as Thoreau did or only have 99 things in your house. 

(I love my books and leopard print heels -thank you very much.)

So why should you start living simpler, o-complicated-one?

You’re reading this because you’re either already a lover of simple and slow living…

…or you’re caught in the complicated fast-lane and you know you have to get off

Like right now. (You’re probably reading this at work or at midnight.)

You feel the pull.

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You want something more, dammit.  

Buying stuff doesn’t fill the void for you anymore.  Keeping busy isn’t cutting it either.

God knows you’ve tried.  And hours of Netflix and social media isn’t doing the job it used to for your psyche. (Although Jamie from Outlander has sure helped.)

Sunday night rolls around and you’re secretly filled with dread as that means you have to go to work tomorrow at the place you can’t stand to earn money to pay for all the sh*t you’ve bought and your huge mortgage because you’re still doing what doesn’t fit your life anymore. 

Simpler living isn’t fairy dust but it definitely brings you things you thought you’d lost forever.

I’m here to help you as long as you like to laugh, roll up your sleeves and can handle a little swearing. (And if you don’t want to thank every spoon in your house.)

If not – well – thanks for dropping by!  You can find Marie Kondo here.

But if I’ve caught your attention – and you’re reading this with big eyes and your stomach just felt butterflies of hope (or did you just eat chili??) – then let’s have some fun with this!

Feeling uncertain about what to do next in your life?

Breathe, lady.  You’re in the right place.