The complicated simple how to retire


Do you secretly feel winning the lottery will fund your retirement?

You’re not alone.

This morning I choked on my coffee when I read a recent survey about how many people think winning the lottery is part of their retirement plan.


Hellooooooo People!

The lottery IS NOT going to be your retirement.


But this recent 2019 survey (and many others) show that people think they will be the lucky  chosen ones who have that 1 chance in 300 million of winning the lottery:

“More than two-thirds of millennials are waiting on a winning a lottery jackpot to secure their retirements, according to a survey by STASH, a consumer investing app.

The survey indicated that winning the lottery is the only plan that many Americans have for retirement.

Eighteen percent are basing their retirement plans on hopes they will win the lottery, including 26 percent millennials, 19 percent Gen Xers and 13 percent baby boomers, according to the survey.”


This was when I choked on my coffee. 


Because it freaks me out that so many people blow all their money today vs saving and investing some for the future.


Something that simplifies your complicated life:  save money for your retirement.


It helps you sleep at night.

You can’t count on inheritances, lotteries or winning the Readers Digest Sweepstakes.

Who do you need to rely on?



No one will ever care about your money as much as you.

You need to save money for your retirement.  Slowly but surely.

It doesn’t have to be flashy.

You don’t have to be rich or be a stockbroker.

You can create your own wealth by consistently saving and investing money each month.


Instead of having a 1 in 300 million chance of winning the lottery and having money for your retirement…

Why not shoot for a sure thing by saving and investing your money monthly?

Then you have a 100% chance of having some retirement money.


How much depends on you: where you’ve invested, length of time and compound interest, of course.

(I loveeee compound interest.  So should you.)


For example, let’s say you’re 50 and you’re starting to freak out about money.

Because you just haven’t put much money away.


Let’s say you started with $5,000.

If you invested $100 a month x 25 years at 5% interest = You’d have $77,213 at 65.

If you invested $200 a month x 25 years at 5% interest= You’d have $137,017 at 65.

If you invested $300 a month x 25 years at 5% interest= You’d have $196,821


A little money saved consistently can perform miracles for you.


Freaking out because you’re 50?  It isn’t hopeless.

You’ll need to start with a little more initially; or save a little more monthly, save a little longer and find the right investments to potentially earn a larger interest rate.

Here’s a spiffy little monthly savings calculator from



Are you saving and investing 10% of your net income per year? 

Are you saving and investing anything?


Are you feeling uncomfortable while reading this o-complicated-one?


Do the future-you a big favor.


If you don’t have a retirement savings plan – you need to meet with your banker, or perhaps a trusted financial advisor.

Book something today.  Get your freaking act together.


Your best bet is to have money automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

Otherwise, it is too easy to dip into your savings account for travel, or an unexpected bill, etc.

Or it is too easy during a leaner month to say,

“Next month I’ll save more.”


The wonderful part?

It is never too late to start saving for your future.

You can make it happen.  Just start small.

And it is easier than you think.