How to calm your mind


OK, don’t freak out on me here.

I’m not sending you back to the 1800s or anything.  But if you’re a little stressed out?

Wash some dishes to wash your mind.

Dishes???  WTF??


It’s faster and easier than having a bath* but it still has goodness.

*I am a bath-obsessed-woman so I know.

Wash some dishes to wash your minddddddd.


I don’t mean all the nasty, crusty lasagna pans.

Or big family dinner piles of pots.

I mean a few plates, a few cups, some cutlery and nothing sharp.


Hot water.  Lots of fragrant bubbles. No greasy sh*t.


You’re going to do a little Karate Kid here.

Wash on.  Wash off.  10 minutes.

Breathe.  Just focus on what you’re doing.

Whatever has you wound up has to go elsewhere for a few minutes.


If it helps Buddhist monks calm down, I think it will probably work for you too.


It’s a weird thing that totally works to calm the mind.


P.S. And you can’t throw a dish at anyone either.

(My kid sister has never really forgiven me for that one.)