I still remember what a dumb ass I was about thrifting.

It was a beautiful fall Saturday morning, I was 22 years old and my friend who was in her 30s asked me,

“Hey – want to go thrifting and check out Salvation Army?  They have such cool stuff!”


I looked at her with horror and said,

“OMG – I would NEVER go into a thrift store!  Only poor people shop there!

It is just crappy stuff that smells!”


She looked at me, shook her head and said,

“Girlllll, you have NO IDEA on how much fun you’re missing out on.”

We went for breakfast and then she went thrifting without me.


It took me another 8 years before I smartened the hell up about thrift store shopping.

I got into the joy of thrift shopping accidentally.

My mom had visited me and I had begrudgingly taken her to a thrift store in the city I lived in.

My mom loves this stuff.

I was secretly embarrassed when we entered the store.


And then the Universe came and whacked me on the head when I saw a pile of Victoria magazines for $5.00.

50 of them.

A hard-to-find magazine I loved and 50 of them for $5.00???? WTF????


I also found books, necklaces, some nice bowls for soup and a few other things that were all in excellent condition- many of them were brand name, and I paid 80-90% off the original price.


I couldn’t believe what a dumb ass I’d been about thrift stores.


I walked in rolling my eyeballs but walked out carrying a box of excellent stuff I needed.


My mom walked out with nothing.  Just wasn’t her day.

That happens with thrifting.


But did she ever laugh at me.

I looked at her and said, “OMG – that was like a freaking adventure!”

And the name stuck.


Because let me tell you, once you discover the world of thrifting, which in my family we call,

Adventure Shopping,

you won’t go back to spending most of your hard-earned money on new sh*t.

(You’ll only buy new sh*t 20% of the time. )


How do I know?

Because over the years, I have converted at least 50 people to come to the light side of thrifting.

Who knows what the ripple effect is now???

And I definitely want to convince you that thrift-shopping is good for you too.


Yes. It is good for the environment.

Yes. You pay only a small fraction of the original price.

Yes. You’re usually helping a charity.

Yes. It is wonderful to see the value that others overlook.

Yes. It inspires creativity in a huge way.

Yes. You will often find fabulous brand new items.

Yes.  You will find original, beautiful things that people will want to buy from you.  Sucks to be them.


But the best part?


For all of you converted thrifters – and you know who you aresend me a comment about when you saw the light.

My dare for you?

Go check out one of your local thrift stores this week.

Have an open mind.

You can still be complicated AND love thrifting.

So there.