food waste

I don’t know about you – but if I’m not careful, the vegetable crisper in our fridge could be called a SOUPER.

Things can get pretty wilted and sad looking in there.

But the problem didn’t start in the fridge.

It can happen so easily, can’t it?

You’re at the grocery store and you’re surrounded by miles of fresh and colorful produce.

Everything looks fresh and glistens with little water droplets.

You almost feel like a farmer, harvesting your garden as you put bags of vegetables and fruit in the cart.

You can imagine all the healthy, delicious meals you will make.  

You’d make Martha Stewart proud.




And then LIFE steps in.

You’re busy with work or driving kids or your mother around.

The bags get shoved deep into the back of the crisper as oops! there was still stuff there from last week.

And you throw out the shriveled apples,  the celery gets tossed as it can bend like a rubber-band and those carrots actually have little white beards.

You even have a bag of potatoes growing spider legs.


It’s happened to all of us.

But you and I have to get better at this buying-too-much-sh*t-at-the-grocery-store-merry-go-round.


You have great intentions.

I get that.  Me too.

But food waste in Western countries is at an all-time high.

And all of us are part of that sh*t-show.


And of course,  Food=Money and Time.  I don’t know about you but I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING.

I hate wasting time, money and my energy on things I don’t like.


You had to get an education to get the job to work 40 hours a week so you could drive to the grocery store, spend an hour buying too much sh*t you don’t really need because you’re hungry or feeling guilty as you know you need healthy food dammit but who has the time and then you load it into your car and drive home and unload all the groceries and unpack it and then order a pizza for dinner.  And 7 days later throw out 30% (at least) and start this all over again.

This is called The Grocery Merry-Go-Round.

Grocery stores love dumb asses like us.

But you can stop the merry-go-round of hell.

How do you live a little simpler and stop throwing out so much food?


Avoid Wasting Food


Limit your choices.

3 kinds of fresh vegetables for the week.

2 kinds of fresh fruit.

1 bag of baby peas for the freezer.

Potatoes and onions kept handy vs buried in your dark pantry corner.

That’s it.


Because having too many choices is keeping a lot of sh*t molding in your fridge.


Pick 2 fruits and 3 vegetables that are in season, as local as you can get it and don’t cost $9.00 a pound.


Start there.

And when things are looking a little wilty – remember, wilty doesn’t mean rotten.

It means it was dehydrated by the fridge.

So once a week, saute up the wilted onion, celery, carrot, asparagus, etc. and throw it in a soup, casserole or chili.

Peel the alien looking wrinkly potato with spider legs and have potato soup.  Or throw it in with some hamburger.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Weird looking apples are great for applesauce or an apple crisp.  Soft, squishy blueberries are perfect in a smoothie.

(Or freeze the fruit in baggies for your next smoothie.  You can throw bananas in the freezer with the skin on too.)

Get creative.


Shop your fridge before you hit the grocery store.


Less choice makes for simpler living.

So there.