Save money with your freezer


You’re complicated.

Which means the odds are pretty good that you have a freezer that looks like Mt. Everest.

Hey, listen – I’m complicated too.

Are you ready for this?

We have 4.5 freezers in our house and they aren’t the itty-bitty apartment-sized ones either.

My Good Natured Man hunts and fishes and so our freezers are filled with incredible food: moose, deer, elk, salmon, halibut and cod.

We also buy lamb and chicken from local farmers.

I am the foraging queen so I have bags of apples, saskatoon berries, sour cherries, chokecherries and wild blueberries.

We’re definitely ready if the zombies attack.


But sometimes I just want to find a package of goddamn pork chops without freezing my arm off.


I used to feel like I needed an ice axe, climbing rope, a parka, and boots while I went into the depths of our freezers.

Three of them are big 6-footers and I have a fruit freezer and then we have 2 below- the- fridge-kind of freezers.

I have my own version of Greenland in the basement.


BUT.  Freezers are worth it.

And in Canada – where 6 months of the year you may not want to go for a “quick trip” to the store in a bloody, howling blizzard?

Freezers are an absolute must and they can be your own version of fast-food.

(More on that in a minute.)

They are inexpensive and they allow you to save money by freezing your own fruit and vegetables as well as meat.

You can easily freeze leftovers in marked and dated containers.

When I find meat/veg that we eat often, on sale? Into the freezer they go.


I’ve become a fan of stand-up freezers.

Easier to organize, rotate food and they save space.


Plus you don’t need a freaking excavation team to get the peas.


My trick?

I’ve claimed a freezer just for me.

I call it my Girl Food Freezer and my husband knows he can’t pile 300 pounds of elk in there. (Or he may end up like the elk.)

My fruit and vegetables get popped in.

Pie crusts, pork tenderloin, pasta, soups and stews and stuff that can be either reheated or cooked within one hour.

Sometimes even an occasional pizza too.

Hmmm. What else?

My loaves of homemade bread. Yes. I even taught myself to bake bread.  (More on that soon!)

Plus any baking goodies or special treats that I am saving for a Netflix night.

(I know damn well you know what I mean.)


So how does freezer food become fast food you may ask?


Your Girl Food Freezer is only for leftovers and food that can cook within an hour.

Take it out the night before and leave it in the sink to defrost.

(If you want to defrost it in the fridge that is completely up to you and how paranoid you are.)

In the morning pop it into the fridge (or take the left-overs to work) and when you’re ready to start prepping dinner?

Well. There it is.

No ice chipping or excavation teams necessary.


If you’re super organized like I was for about a year?

Keep an ongoing inventory list taped to the front of the fridge with a pencil or pen taped there too.


And if you dare – send me a pic of your freezer hell and we’ll post it here!

Evil laugh.